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Mobile Phone Photography

Jitka Brynjolffssen

14th June 2019
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The Unwritten Rules of Travel Photography

Mike Morrish

7th June 2019
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Alternative Photography

Brian Human & friends

31st May 2019
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AH-W lens.png

Old Lens on DSLRs cameras

Through the Round window

Alasdair Hayden-Wright

31st May 2019
AH_W round.png

Song Titles

Tim Ewbank

22nd March 2019
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"The Other Cambridge"

Mike Morrish

15th March 2019
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Curating a photo archive

Sue Fifer

1st March 2019
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Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 18.18.59.png

Creative Still Life

Graham Wickens            &         Jitka Brynjolffssen 

22nd February 2019
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Photography & Identity

Brian Human

15th February 2019
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Nick Kerry 

8th February 2019


Margaret Kerry 

25th January 2019
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Looking at our own work: reflections


14th December 2018

Landscape Photographers 

7th December 2018
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Portraits & Groups 

Nick Kerry
30th November 2018
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American Photography 

Mike Morrish
23rd November 2018

Post Processing 

Sue Fifer
16th November 2018
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Creative & Abstract

9th November 2018
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A (Partial) History of Photography

Brian Human
2nd November 2018
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Looking at Pictures

Brian Human
19th October 2018
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Tim Ewbank
12th October 2018
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