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Exploration Group's Travel History

Tim Ewbank

31st March 2018

Attributes of Explorers

Tim Ewbank

23th March 2018

Travellers to Tibet

Janet Pope

16th March 2018

The North-West Passage

Bob Headland

2nd March 2018

Biological Exchange

Tim Ewbank

22nd February 2018

Exploration of Canada's Eastern Seaboard

Derek Jones

15th February 2018

Crossing the Sahara 

Alan Bird

8th February 2018

The Life & Explorations of George Vancouver

Chris Wagner

1st February 2018

The first European explorers into the interior of Africa in C16th

Into the darkness

Tim Ewbank

26th January 2018

An introduction to the course and overview of the individual sessions

2018 Introduction & Programme Overview

19th January 2018

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